Tagging dos

  • Do use all 13 tags. Each tag you add is an opportunity to be matched with a Etsy shopper’s keyword search.
  • Do use multi-word phrases. Your Etsy tags can be up to 20 characters long. It’s better to use multiple phrases than to load your tags with single words. For example, “custom bracelet” is stronger than “custom” and “bracelet” and frees up another tag for you to use.
  • Do consult your Shop Stats. Refresh the tags on Etsy listings that are getting less traffic and diversify the terms you’re using.
  • Do consider synonyms and regional phrases. If shoppers use regional spellings like jewellery in their search, we’ll still show them listings tagged “Jewelry.” However, we don’t account for some regional phrases. For example, if you sell flip flops and a lot of your customers are in Australia searching for “thong sandals,” you should add “thong sandals” to your tags.
  • Do target “long tail” keywords. Instead of trying to compete for popular, generic searches, like “tote bag” or “diamond ring,” prioritize less popular phrases that describe what’s really special about your products. For example, “canvas tote bag” or “natural diamond ring.” Etsy shoppers who know what they want to buy often use more specific searches — and you can deliver just what they’re looking for.

Use our Etsy Keyword Tool for tagging.

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