Software Development

Software Development

We develop software that will allow your business to be dynamic and flexible.

1. Requirement Analysis

Based on your business needs and branding directions, we work with you to create a plan for a unique and distinctive technical solution.

We establish requirements of your project and determine its goals and objectives through project specifications. After analyzing your technical, operational and financial feasibility, we provide you a project plan and budget estimates for the future stages of development.

2. Application Prototype

We develop your project application prototype considering requirement analysis.

3. Building Application

Our experienced software programmers follow strict coding standards and modularize the code to make debugging and future feature expandability an easy job.

We checkpoint with you to make sure that we are meeting your initial needs as well as any that may come up during the development cycle.

4. Integration and Testing

In this phase, we integrate different modules developed by different developers together into a special testing environment, and then check for integration errors, bugs and interoperability.

5. Application deployment

Application deployment

This is the concluding stage of your application development where the software is installed on to your servers by our deployment team. Our team will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly and that you understand how to utilize your new solution to gain the most business benefits as possible!


Our team offer training courses for client’s staff. It allows to receive the most effective result.


Comprehensive, yet end-user-friendly documentation is prepared by our technical writers under in-depth consultation with software development team.

6. Maintenance and updates

We offer post project support and maintenance at a cost friendly price to ensure that your future requirements are addressed. We can help clients manage all aspects of running a web site.

Our clients prefer that we maintain and support their web sites as long as it is needed for the business.