Ideas for Etsy tags 7. Style

A shopper’s personal aesthetic informs their purchase decisions. We all want to feel like the things we buy showcase our great taste to the world. Use tags that describe the unique style of your products so shoppers who know what they’re looking for can find them.… Read the rest

Ideas for Etsy tags 6. Solution-oriented

Maybe your products solve some need for a Etsy shopper, making their life a little easier or helping them feel like an awesome gift-giver/parent/friend. Imagine how a shopper looking for a solution to their problem (be it a blank wall in their apartment or a messy purse) might search for it.… Read the rest

Ideas for Etsy tags 2. Descriptive

The categories you add to your listings should describe what your product is, but adding a few descriptive tags lets you describe your product in your own words. Remember: Multi-word phrases are better than individual descriptive words.

Examples: 1920s cat brooch, reusable straw pouch, striped ceramic mug, set of four coasters

USEO offers a tool for research of Etsy top search keywords based on real statistics for your shop.… Read the rest

Ideas for Etsy tags 1. Brainstorming

It’s important to use all 13 tags and to add some variety (and avoid repeated phrases). Think about what makes your products unique and how shoppers might search for those items. You might have to get creative to come up with phrases that are 20 characters or less.… Read the rest