ETSY Keyword Research to improve your listings and increase sales

Keyword research is the secret to making sure your product gets sales. 💲💲💲

With over 10 years of experience in keyword research for Etsy and Amazon sellers, Google Ads, I am passionate about helping sellers sell more.
The work I provide is 100% original and high quality.

My project is based on working with existing Etsy shop seller statistics.
It helps EXPERIENCED sellers only.
Who is this project for? Etsy sellers
✔️ who have been selling for quite a long time and
✔️ who understand what keywords are.

How can my work help you?
• ETSY Shop
✔️ improving the performance of your Etsy shop
✔️ checking the validity of existing keywords in titles and tags
✔️ supplement the texts for your store with new words
• Marketing
✔️ understanding how customers think when searching for information
✔️ improving marketing strategies

You will receive a report that will help your company reach the next level.
What does the report contain?
✔️ Tables with various keyword analytics.
✔️ Tips on what to think about and what to do.

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