Site solutions – Overview

Site solutions – Overview

We offer several solutions to analyze and improve your online business.

Keyword research

We have some solutions for a keyword research.
The main solution is GarnyaKey service for improving Google Ads campaigns, sites and marketplace shops.

Etsy Search Analytics Saver

Etsy Search Analytics Saver (ESA Saver) is a useful tool for Etsy sellers.
It helps to save search queries to CSV file. ESA Saver can be used as a preliminary step for GarnyaKey service.


Our “Usability and SEO” test consists of 400 questions that we check. The questions are divided into several categories.


Usually we find some problems. It’s going in the report. We give advice on how to improve the site for each problem.

Web design

Every business has a vision. We analyze your business needs and design custom, strategy-based website.

We offer web design focused on improved usability, ease of use and efficiency in performing tasks.

Our approach is to create Responsive web design with flexible layouts that adjust based on user device to create an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.