Etsy keyword research

Etsy keyword research. Optimize your tags

Why you should use Search Analytics?

You can use your Search Analytics to see all the queries shoppers used to find your items. You can check which tags you are using on each of your listings matched with shoppers searches.

Understanding the search queries that shoppers use to search for your products has many uses:

  • gives you a peek into the mind of your target customers
  • research words they’re using to find items like yours
  • find new words for your texts and tags

Best for:

  • shops that are not new to Etsy,
  • shops that have statistics for a long period of time,
  • new and old listings


There are 13 tags on each of your listings. If you’re not using all of them:

  • add more tag
  • diversify the keywords you’re using.

This creates more opportunities for you to match with more searches.

Keep track of the number of queries your listings are appearing in.

Increasing that number over time may be a good sign that adding variety to your keywords is helping you appear in more searches.

Etsy Search Analytics Saver

How to inprove your tags? You can use Etsy Search Analytics Saver for SEO  and marketing. It is a keyword solution for Etsy sellers that helps to save search queries and word statistics to CSV (Excel) file.