Tagging don’ts

  • Don’t repeat tags. The 13 tags you add should all be as unique as possible. For example, having tags such as “octopus art print” and “animal wall decor” will get that Etsy listing in front of more potential buyers than “octopus art” and “octopus print.” We’ll share more tips on diversifying your tags below.
  • Don’t repeat categories and attributes. The categories and attributes you add act like tags, so if an exact phrase appears in your categories, you don’t need to add it as a tag. For example, if your item is in the Statement Ring category, you don’t need to add “statement ring” as a separate tag.
  • Don’t include misspellings. Etsy search redirects shoppers to the correct results if they make a common mistake so you shouldn’t misspell keywords on purpose to reach shoppers who’ve made a tiny typo.
  • Don’t add tags in multiple languages. The titles and tags you add on Etsy should be in the language you choose when setting up your shop. We’ll translate what you enter when we look for listings that match the search query. If you speak multiple languages, you can choose to translate your listings yourself. If you add your own translation, you can also add translation for your titles and tags. Learn more.
  • Don’t worry about plurals. When a shopper enters their query, we look at the root words for the phrase the typed in and match them to the root words in your listings’ keywords. For example, a search for “diaries” would still be matched with listings with the tag “diary” because they have the same root word.

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