Keywords in your title can help you match with a shopper’s query, but they’re just one of the factors Etsy search looks at. Etsy search looks at all the information you add, including your categories and attributes, to find keywords that match a shopper’s search.

Focus on writing short, clear, descriptive titles that make it easy for shoppers who are scanning a busy search results page to see what you’re selling. Lead with the keywords that best describe what your item is since that’s what shoppers see first when browsing, especially on mobile devices. Where a phrase is used in your title doesn’t affect a listing’s ranking. You can use punctuation and some symbols in your titles to separate phrases and Etsy search will still be able to read each of those phrases to see if they match with a shopper’s search.

When writing your titles, be sure to include your most descriptive keywords but keep a buyer in mind, not a computer.

Adding long lists of keywords to your titles may confuse buyers or turn them off your listings. For example, this kind of title might be difficult for a buyer to understand at a glance:

“Personalized dopp kit men’s leather dopp kit groomsmen gift add a monogram”

This title, however, still contains important keywords and covers the basics including material and recipient and can be understood in an instant:

“Monogrammed leather dopp kit groomsmen gift”

Titles are one of the most important goals for keyword research on your Etsy shop.

Use our Etsy Keyword Research Tool to create titles.

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